Hello! Welcome to the Path of Exile Map Statistics Project

Path of Exile is a fun game. Unfortunately it is my belief that the mapping system doesn’t correctly allow players that enjoy mapping to do so in a fair and consistent manner. Even more unfortunately, I haven’t ever seen any hard statistics for drop rates of maps within maps, or of how quantity effects map drop rate.

To this end, I’m collecting map statistics. Click the “Submit Statistics” page to help out!

After reasonable sample sizes, I’ll post breakdowns of the submitted data on the Results page.

Thank you!

I’ve had questions about Unidentified maps. I’ve decided to just ignore them, because there’s so way to tell what %, or the existence of, mods like +Magic, etc, on those maps.

FM Update: There’s now a field for entering your Zana % quantity if you use your personal map device. It’s saved in the same way as league is so you don’t have to reenter it every time. Thanks for submitting, and keep spreading the word!

Questions? Comments? Want to send a CSV with your map data? Want to help with analysis? Contact at maps@skyl3lazer.com